We invite you to leave a living legacy at Te Rerenga Wairua

Natives, New Zealand Native Tree Nursery - Northland

Kia ora, Welcome to Natives, the Far North company providing you with ‘ a Seed for the Future’. You are offered the opportunity to leave a living legacy and reduce your carbon footprint by planting or gifting an eco sourced native tree. This will help restore the native vegetation at Cape Reinga (Te Rerenga Wairua). Click here to purchase a plant.

Te Rerenga Wairua is the iconic northern tip of Aotearoa. It is an area which is highly regarded by many for its significant spiritual, cultural and ecological values.

As well as participating in the ‘Seed for the Future’ project you can purchase plants from our native plant nursery or contract us to help restore other sites in need of revegetation. 

We also offer horticultural training through NorthTec’s national and regional certificates in Horticulture and Sustainable Rural Development papers.

We invite individuals, groups or families, businesses, corporations through online sponsorship, e mail request and then online payment, to support this unique project.

We encourage businesses to participate in this project. Instead of sending Xmas Cards, to instead sponsor trees, a living legacy and a symbol of integrity on behalf of their significant business clientele and partners.

Natives will then send the sponsoring business, organisation, corporate body, certificates and post cards as directed by them, where they can then send these on to their respective clients or partner businesses.

From Northlands Multi Award Winning Nursery. Click here for more information.


"We think the work you are doing deserves support and hope that all continues to go well with the plants growing strongly."

"Thank you so much for all the trouble you have gone to. I very much appreciate it and have forwarded the email on to my friend today. Best wishes to you all, Regards Noreen Barry."

"Kia Ora Wayne,
What a lovely surprise, I will save the collage and print a picture to go with my other NZ photos [1255!!!!] 3 albums full. You have such a lovely country and such nice people.
Thank you again. Marian and Malcolm"

Natives, New Zealand Native Trees Nursery


Couple recently
planting a tree at Te
Rerenga Wairua
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Natives, New Zealand Native Trees Nursery


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Natives, New Zealand Native Trees Nursery