Other Projects Natives is involved with

Natives is currently under contract with Transit NZ - NZTA to provide over 300,000 eco sourced native trees. We were contracted to provide a large number of the trees to the Department of Conservation and the contract was completed successfully.

The ongoing contract has enabled us to develop a strong infrastructure that is in place for future native plant projects. Seed collected from Te Rerenga Wairua has had an integral role in the establishment of our native plant and tree nursery. The infrastructure includes ongoing propagation for availability of stock and staff training and retention schemes.

Wayne Petera, a partner in Natives, currently advises the Department of Conservation on cultural and historical matters pertaining to the area. Wayne is also instrumental in the liaison required for the comprehensive signage interpretation project underway from Te Paki through to and including Te Rerenga Wairua.

Natives is successful at project managing and providing for major planting projects and also sub contracting to others to provide the best possible overall results.

Natives, New Zealand Native Trees Nursery